Teama Milk: Rebranding a market leader and a brand that sells in more than 36 countries is a major challenge. The design team followed the essence of the 19 year old brand by maintaining the same feel and color scheme, while introducing the Red Strip that embodies the brand name, making the brand more modern and more visible on the shelf. The Red Strip, with the brand name, became the new brand identity and was later applied as the master brand logo on line extensions of the brand.    Teama Milk slices: Most sliced cheese brands look similar due to the exact SKU measurements for the square slice. Therefore the design team was assigned the task to differentiate this very common shape pack from its competitors stacked alongside Teama slices. By implementing the new red strip that incorporates the brand name along with a similar strip with a different color, the team was able to distinct Teama Milk slices with its full range of flavors from other brands.     

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