Big Bang Roll


 In a territory where no brand usually survives for a long time, ICE Branding took on the task of launching the corn based salty snack Big Bang Roll to compete with major players like Cheetos and Doritos.  Big bang is considered an innovation in the market of salty snacks. By integrating two shapes with two mixed flavors altogether in a cylindrical circular shape big bang offered a whole new experience of snacking.  Given the nature of the product, a cylindrical shape inside a tube forming a snack bigger than any other, the design team’s mission was to create an unordinary pack. The swirls were the solution for our big bang. Spreading from the center of the pack and in those swirls were the big bang rolls.  The design team developed a funky and cool packaging to appeal to the young target group. By giving a distinction to each flavor with food icons in the composition of the design, The Big Bang range of products gained a strong distinctive look when placed in the shelves. The Big bang effect was then created and reflected in the design, product and communication.   

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